Nixie Röhre/Nixie Tube
Version 3
Made by 南昌 (Nanchang Tube Factory)

Great looking Nixie tube with square anode mesh.
To BUY these tubes and matching sockets and clock kits: Click HERE!!!

Example of use: The Black'n'Wood Nixie Clock

At the following pictures you see the
Black'n'Wood Nixie Clock as example.
This clock is also available as a kit!
You will find all information about that clock HERE!

At the following pictures you see the Black'n'Wood Nixie Clock:

See the look of the great massive elm wood:

The clock with blue back lighting switched on:

At night:

Röhrendaten/Tube Data
German English    
Typ Type   QS30-1
Hersteller Brand   南昌 (Nanchang Tube Factory)
Vergleichstypen Substitutes   5031, 5037, 5092, 6770, 6844, 8021, 8037, 8421, 50347, JAN-8037, JAN-8421, JAN-8422, 3480419, 10TU26, 122P224, 154-0327-00, 1970-0002, 5092A, 5960-99-1711-0174, 6844A, 8037 (B-5031), 8421 (B-5092), 8421/5092, 8423 (B-6031) JAN, B-50174, B-5031, B-5031/6844, B-50347, B-5037, B-5092, B-5092/8421, B-5092A, B560M, B-6844, B-6844A, B-8037, BD-302, BD-310, CD102, CD102(R), CD102R, CD18, CD24, CD26, CD32A, CD53, CD53R, CD54, CD54R, CK6844, CK6844A, CK8037, CK8421, CV5278, CV5278 (GN-4), CV9207, CV9316, CV9732, D76, F9004, F9057, F9057A, F9057AA, GA22, GA90, GN-3, GN-4, GN-4A, GN-4D, GN-4E, GN-4P, GNP-4A, GR10M, GR10M/U, GR2M, HB-106, JAN-6844A, JAN-CB-6844A, JAN-CBSC-6844A, JAN-CZ-6844A, LC-511, LC-513, LC-513A, M2726-102500, M2726-102600, NE-50347, NL-5031, NL-50347, NL-5092, NL-6844, NL-6844A, NL-8037, NL-8037/5031, NL-8421, NL-8421/5092, NUP102, NUP118, QS30-1, ST12C, SZ1-1, SZ3-1, SZ-8, TA542, Z510M, Z520M, Z524M, Z5600M, Z560M, ZM1020, ZM1020/01, ZM1022, ZM1022p
Symbole Displayed symbols   0-9
Symbolhöhe Symbol height   15 mm (0.591")
Abmessungen Overall dimensions   29 mm (1.142") dia. X 34 mm (1.339") tall
Pindurchmesser Pin diameter   1.02mm (0.040")
min. Betriebsspannung min. supply voltage V 170
typ. Brennspannung typ. maintaining voltage V 150
Betriebs-Kathodenstrom Typical cathode current mA 2.25
Sockel Base   B13B, Pin 8 oben/B13B, pin 8 at top
Fassung Socket   B13B oder Einlötbuchsen 1mm/
B13B or pin receptacles 1mm



Ansicht von unten/Bottom view

Pfeil zeigt nach oben/
Arrow points up

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