MCD0X 4I (Valvo/Philips)
Nixie Röhre/Nixie Tube

The tubes were made for TV channel displays in the "good old times" - basically the tube is a simplfied ZM1000/1005 with only numerals 1-8 in some OCR shape. If you look at the base of Valvo/Philips (probably Amperex too) ZM1000s you will see some triangle + number + letter (like 6B or such). These triangles show up on the "MCD0X" marked tubes too - but they have no "official designation" nor a manufacturer stamped on the envelope. So they are just "OEM-Nixies" for a special purpose. In Germany Nordmende and Telefunken used them a lot AFAIK.

The code is read MCD - "zero" - X. the tube-code is "MCD" and the trailing (one, two or three) digits give a subtype code, which is *usually* "0X" (zero, x) for the generic OCR-like 1-8 digit Nixies.
Other examples are "MBT" for a ZM1000 or "MGM" on ZM1005. The second half is for instance "1TT" on ZM1000 with the sheetmetal-getter and "3TT" with those that have the getter ring. It is like a "family" - "subtype" coding.

Röhrendaten/Tube Data
German English    
Typ Type   MCD0X 4I
Hersteller Brand   Valvo/Philips
Vergleichstypen Substitutes   alle MUD-Typen, alle MRL-Typen, alle MTC-Typen, ZM1012, ZM1015/
all MUD-types, all MRL-types, all MTC-types, ZM1012, ZM1015
Symbole Displayed symbols   1-8, PL, PR
Symbolhöhe Symbol height   14mm (0.55")
Abmessungen Overall dimensions   19mm (0.75") dia. X 45.1mm (1.78") tall
Pindurchmesser Pin diameter   0.6mm (0.025")
min. Betriebsspannung min. supply voltage V 170
typ. Brennspannung typ. maintaining Voltage V 140
Betriebs-Kathodenstrom Typical cathode current mA 2.5
Sockel Base   Euro Grid, Pin 1 und 10 vorne/
Euro Grid, pin 1 and 10 at front
Fassung Socket   Euro Grid


Pin Anschluss/
1 Cathode (1)
2 Cathode (2)
3 Cathode (3)
4 Cathode (4)
5 Cathode (5)
6 Cathode (6)
7 Cathode (7)
8 internal connection
9 internal connection
10 Cathode (8)
11 internal connection
12 Cathode (PR)
13 Anode
14 Anode
15 Cathode (PL)
16 internal connection

(Pinout graphic by Alan Franzman)
Ansicht von unten/Bottom view
Pfeil zeigt Blickrichtung/Arrow shows direction of viewing!


Dimensions in mm!

Sie möchten sich die Fassungen lieber selbst herstellen? - kein Problem, verwenden Sie handelsübliche Buchsenleisten zur Aufnahme von 0.6mm Pins.
You like to make the sockets by yourself? - No problem! Use standard connector posts.

Self made socket: Original socket:


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