NL-50325 (National Electronics)
Nixie Röhre/ Nixie Tube

A rare and odd Nixie tube!

Röhrendaten/ Tube Data
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Typ Type   NL-50325
Hersteller Brand   National Electronics
Vergleichstypen Substitudes   B-50325
Symbole Displayed Symbols   AC, KΩ, +, −
Symbolhöhe Symbol Height   15,5mm (0,610")
Abmessungen Dimensions   26mm (1,024") dia, X 28,5mm (1,122") tall
Pindurchmesser Pin Diameter   1.02mm (0.040")
min. Betriebsspannung min. Supply Voltage V 170
typ. Brennspannung typ. maintaining Voltage V 147
Cahthode Current
mA 2.25
Sockel Base   B13B, Pin 1 vorne/ pin 1 at front
Fassung Socket   B13B


Pin Anschluss/
1 internal connection
2 Anode
3 not connected
4 not connected
5 not connected
6 Cathode (KΩ)
7 Cathode (AC)
8 internal connection
9 not connected
10 Cathode (+)
11 not connected
12 Cathode (-)
13 not connected

(Pinout- graphic by Alan Franzman)
Ansicht von unten / Bottom view

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