B17A (AEI)
Nixie Fassung/ Socket

B17A Sockel- Beispiel/
B17A Base example:


Pinout/ Outline:

Ansicht von unten / Bottom view

Physical Characteristics:

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Anzahl der Pins Number of Pins 17
Hersteller Brand AEI
Typ Type B17A
für Sockel for base B17A
Pinkreis- Durchmesser Pin Circle Diameter 18.2mm (0.718")
Pin- Durchmesser Pin Diameter 1.02mm (0.040")
Pin- Abstand Pin Spacing 20°
Vergleichstypen Substitudes B17, 17 Pin all-glass, 35708, 35709, HFD 13045, HFD 13534, SK-174 ?, VH26/1703. Some B17A based tubes (those without an evacuation/fill nipple extending between the pins) will also fit in B26A and B27A sockets.

This tube sockets fit for the following Nixie and readout tubes (examples!):

B-8971; CV5842; CV8630; GR10H; GR10K; GR10N; GR2H; GS10H; NL-8971
and some others!

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