B26A (Cinch)
Nixie Röhren Fassung/ Nixie Tube Socket

B26A Sockel- Beispiel/
B26A Ba
se example:


Physical Characteristics:

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Anzahl der Pins Number of Pins 26 (Tube may have different number of pins)
Hersteller Brand Cinch
Typ Type B26A
Pinkreis- Durchmesser Pin Circle Diameter Outer 17: 18.2mm (0.718"), Inner 9: 11.1mm (0.437")
Pin- Durchmesser Pin Diameter 1.02mm (0.040")
Pin- Abstand Pin Spacing Outer 17: 20°, Inner 9: 40°
Andere Namen für diesen Sockel Aliases S0-42, SK-100, SK-131, SK-174 ? B26A based tubes will also fit in B27A and some B17A sockets. Known B26A based readout tubes (but not counter tubes) need no connections to inner pin circle, allowing use with B17A sockets if they fit.

This tube sockets fit for the following Nixie and readout tubes:
6700; 6701; 6703; 6710; 6712; 8286; B-6700; B-8971; BD-301; BX-1000; BX-1002; BX-2000; BX-2003; BX-2004; BX-2005; BX-3000; CV5277; CV5290; CV5842; CV8090; CV8630; ET51; GA12; GR10G; GR10H; GR10J; GR10JF; GR10K; GR10N; GR12G; GR12H; GR2G; GR2H; GR4G; GS10H; JAN-6700; JAN-CBSC-6700; NL-8971; VS10G; VS10G/M; VS10H; VS10K; VX9210.

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