RTS-14 Fassung/ Socket

The PCB- Version of the RTS-11 socket.
This version is a 12pin- PCB- mount.
2 pins are omitted.
These are pin 12 and 14.
Pin 12 and 14 are not necessary for Nixie tubes except for the right hand decimal point for types NL-848, NL-907, NL-908.

RTS-11 Sockel- Beispiel/
RTS-11 Base example:


Pinout graphic by Alan Franzman
Ansicht von unten / Bottom view


Physical Characteristics:

German English  
Anzahl der Pins Number of Pins 12 socket. 12, 13 or 14 tube
Hersteller Brand unknown
Typ Type RTS-14
für Sockel for base RTS-11
Äußerer Pinkreis- Durchmesser Outer Pin Circle Diameter 12.7mm (0.500")
Innerer Pinkreis- Durchmesser Inner Pin Circle Diameter 5.4mm (0.212")
Pin- Durchmesser Pin Diameter 1.02mm (0.040")
Äußerer Pin- Abstand Pin Spacing (Outer Circle) 10 × 36°
Innerer Pin- Abstand Pin Spacing (Inner Circle) 4 × 90°
Vergleichstypen Substitudes RTS-11, RTS-18, RTS-47, RTS-48, RTS-49, RTS-50

This tube sockets fit for the following Nixie and readout tubes (examples!):

340-0004; 340-0005; 4200840; 4200841; 7193; 8754; CK1905; CK1907; CK1916; CK1917; CK1918; CK1922; CK8754; NL-803; NL-807; NL-811; NL-812; NL-814; NL-821; NL-840; NL-841; NL-842; NL-842PT; NL-843; NL-844; NL-845; NL-846; NL-847; NL-848; NL-856; NL-864; NL-867; NL-874; NL-875; NL-876; NL-884; NL-900; NL-901; NL-902; NL-903; NL-904; NL-905; NL-906; NL-907; NL-908; NL-939; NL-943; NL-973.
and many others!

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