SK-207 (Cinch)
Nixie Fassung/ Socket

SK-207 Sockel- Beispiel/
SK-207 Base example:


Pinout graphic by Alan Franzman
Ansicht von unten / Bottom view


Physical Characteristics:

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Anzahl der Pins Number of Pins 14
Hersteller Brand Cinch
Typ Type SK-207
für Sockel for base SK-207
Pin- Durchmesser Pin Diameter 0.45mm (0.018")
Vergleichstypen Substitudes RTS-44. This pin grid version has up to 12 pins in the two center rows and typically 2 (could accommodate 4) pins in the outboard "wings". Actual lead configuration exiting bottom of these tubes does not match description; described layout is achieved by use of insulating spreader/standoff included with tube.

 This tube sockets fit for the following Nixie and readout tubes (examples!):

16851453; 1970-0030; 1970-0042; 1970-0054; 3080010; 340-0010; 340-0011; 411-0264; 411-264; 5859CS; 5863ST; 5870L; 5870S; 5870ST; 58GSST; B-16851453; B-5750; B-5750S; B-5755; B-5755R; B-5853; B-5853S; B-5853-SI; B-5853ST; B-5855; B-5855ST; B-5856S; B-5857; B-5857S; B-5859A; B-5859CS; B-5859S; B-5861; B-5861ST; B-5863ST; B-5866; B-5866S; B-5866S1; B-5866ST; B-5866STX; B-5867; B-5867S; B-5870; B-5870L; B-5870S; B-5870S7; B-5870SF; B-5870ST; B-5870T; B-5870TF; CD92; CK1929S; GR-116; GR116D; NL-1220; NL-1224; NL-5750; NL-5750C; NL-5750CS; NL-5750S; NL-5853; NL-5853S; NL-5853ST; NL-5859; NL-5859CS; NL-5861ST; NL-5866STX; NL-5870; NL-5870L; NL-5870S; NL-5870ST; NL-5870T; NL-8063; NL-940CS; NL-950; NL-950C; NL-950S; NL-951; NL-951S; S038B; ZM1330; ZM1330K; ZM1332; ZM1332F; ZM1332K; ZM1334; ZM1334K; ZM1335; ZM1335K; ZM1336; ZM1336K; ZM1337; ZM1337K.
and many others!

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