Eurogrid (Valvo Type 55702)
Nixie Röhren Fassung/
Nixie Tube Socket

Eurogrid Sockel- Beispiel/
Eurogrid Base example:



Pinout graphic by Alan Franzman
Ansicht von unten / Bottom view


Physical Characteristics:

German English  
Anzahl der Pins Number of Pins 14 or 16
Hersteller Brand ?
Typ Type 55702
für Sockel for base Eurogrid
Pin- Durchmesser Pin Diameter 0.6mm (0.025")
Vergleichstypen Substitudes 14-Pin All Glass Miniature ?, 16-Pin Miniature ? 55702. This pin grid base version has 10 pins in the two center rows and typically 4 (rarely 6) pins in the outboard "wings".

This tube sockets fit for the following Nixie and readout tubes (examples!):

411-0284; 411284; 411-284; Mudox; ZM1000; ZM1000E; ZM1000R; ZM1001; ZM1001E; ZM1001R; ZM1002; ZM1005; ZM1005R; ZM1008; ZM1010; ZM1011; ZM1012; ZM1013; ZM1014; ZM1015.
and some others!

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