'Dekatron' style register tube

'Register Tube' similar in appearance to a 'Dekatron' style glow-transfer counter, but without guide electrodes.
Does not count, but provides display closely resembling appearance of Dekatrons.

Neon filled.

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Röhrentyp Tube type   GR10A
Hersteller Brand   ETL
Vergleichstypen Substitudes   CV5291, Z503M
Art Sort   register tube
Sockel Base   B12A
Fassung Socket   B12A
Gasfüllung Gas filling   Neon
Röhrendurchmesser maximal Tube diameter max. mm 33.1
Röhrenhöhe maximal Tube height max. mm 85.5
Betriebsspannung minimal Supply volt. min. V 129
Brennspannung typisch Maintaining voltage typ. V 108
Anoden bzw. Kathodenstrom min. Anode/ cath. current min. µA 50
Anoden bzw. Kathodenstrom typ. Anode/ cath. current typ. µA 60
Anoden bzw. Kathodenstrom max. Anode/ cath. current max. µA 250
Spannungsdifferenz zw. 2 Kath. max. Voltage between 2 cathodes max. V 120
Anschlussbelegung: Pinout:    
PIN 01 PIN 01   K1
PIN 02 PIN 02   K0
PIN 03 PIN 03   K9
PIN 04 PIN 04   K8
PIN 05 PIN 05   K7
PIN 06 PIN 06   K6
PIN 07 PIN 07   K5
PIN 08 PIN 08   K4
PIN 09 PIN 09   K3
PIN 10 PIN 10   K2
PIN 11 PIN 11   not connected
PIN 12 PIN 12   Anode

Outline & Pinout:


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