IN-4 (ИН-4)
Nixie Röhre/Nixie Tube
Variant: fine grid
Made by Газотрон, Ровно, Украина (Gazotron, Rovno, Ukraine)

There were different variants of this tube.
This is variant with fine grid
This tube can be used as a biquinary tube (cathodes connected externally) or a normal Nixie tube.

Röhrendaten/Tube Data
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Typ Type   IN-4 (ИН-4)
Hersteller Brand   Газотрон (Gazotron Tube Factory, Rovno, Ukraine)
Vergleichstypen Substitutes   -
Symbole Displayed symbols   0-9
Symbolhöhe Symbol height   17mm (0.670")
Pindurchmesser Pin diameter   1 mm (0.04")
Röhrendurchmesser nominal Tube diameter nominal   30 mm (1.18")
Röhrendurchmesser maximal Tube diameter maximal   32 mm (1.26")
Höhe Röhrenboden bis Kuppe Tube height bottom to top   31 mm (1.22")
Höhe Röhre gesamt Tube height total   41 mm (1.61")
Zündspannung maximal Ignition voltage V 170
Anodenspannung nominal Anode voltage nominal V 170
Anodenspannung minimal Anode voltage minimal V 170
Brennspannung Voltage drop V 150
Kathodenstrom nominal Cathode current nominal  mA 2.5
Kathodenstrom maximal Cathode current maximal  mA 3
Leuchtdichte minimal Luminance cd/m² 100
Sockel Base   RSH31 (РШ31), Pin 7 unten/
RSH31 (РШ31), pin 7 at bottom
Fassungen Sockets   PL31(ПЛ31), PL31p(ПЛ31п), PL31-2V(ПЛ31-2B)



Pin Connection if connected biquinary Connection if connected not biquinary
1 Cathode digit 4 Cathode digit 4
2 Cathode digit 6 Cathode digit 6
3 Cathode digit 8 Cathode digit 8
4 Screen Anode
5 Cathode digit 9 Cathode digit 9
6 Cathode digit 7 Cathode digit 7
7 not connected not connected
8 Cathode digit 0 Cathode digit 0
9 Cathode digit 2 Cathode digit 2
10 Anode for even digits not connected
11 Cathode digit 3 Cathode digit 3
12 Cathode digit 5 Cathode digit 5
13 Anode for odd digits not connected
14 Cathode digit 1 Cathode digit 1

Ansicht von unten/Bottom view


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