ZB13 (Name given from Elesta)
TSM-13P (Chinese name)

Dies ist eine sehr seltene Fassung/
This is a very odd socket

ZB13/TSM-13P Sockel- Beispiele/
ZB13/TSM-13P Base examples:

two pins are onitted on the tube!

(picture shows another pin-arrangement)

Physical Characteristics:

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Anzahl der Pins Number of Pins 13 (tube); 15 (socket)
Hersteller Brand unknown
Typ Type ZB13 (Name given by Elesta)
TSM-13P (Chinese name)
Pinkreis- Durchmesser Pin Circle Diameter Outer 10: 12mm (0.472"), Inner 5: 6mm (0.236")
Pin- Durchmesser Pin Diameter 1.02mm (0.040")
Pin- Abstand Pin Spacing Outer 10: 32.73°, Inner 5: 72°
Andere Namen für diesen Sockel Aliases -

This tube sockets fit for the following Nixie, Dekatron and Nomotron tubes:
CD28; ECT100; EZ10; EZ10A; EZ10B.


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